hi ,all

long time no see, i dont know why,, may be busy
i stay in uk about 2 weeks, everything is being stable.

and my flatmates is so nice and friendly, but i have not go out to drink with them, 

this afternoon ,i went to student union watch the football match with them but just a first half. then we gone away .

so far , i think is ok…. just go ahead.  study and enjoy this year.

and how about you all guys…….
are u ok
if studying ,,keep going , dont give up,,,,
if working , ,,work hard

here is very lovely place , all are slow …….for life ,,it is relax.
and many hot girls , and strong man.

what will i be???
after a year….

anybody miss me ???
i miss …


About tat

you'll know about me if you want to
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