student union night

i have been student union last night with my flatmates  and their friends . it ‘s the first time i have been there .
it costs me 2 ponds .
i also followed  them dancing. they have drank some alcohol  and  a little bit got drunk but i just drank the water. i have to give my mind clear.

good experiences. and there are many hot and fit girls as well. haha..
and i have knew some guys in there.

tom’s sister was also coming. she’s 21. nice to met her.,,,

i have taken some pictures with them. but the camera is not mine.
may be later , i can post the pictures out.

today  is raining day,  i just stayed at home.  some of classmates from hk, they will go london tomorrow.
next week is a consolidation week , i think it should be let us to do a revision of these weeks.

tonight dinner! diy again

they made a sentence on the freezer again.
i just learn it from them.
tuck it to = eat
horse farm = martryn (馬田) because i explain the meaning to them ,so they know .
minge = check by yourself(girls have it but not boys)


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