Holland trip

holland trip
25 june 08 – 1 july 08
i have been main city only which are amsterdam and hen haag.
i have been to the china town and red light district. i had a chinese dinner with sun and tammy who is sun ‘s friend.
tammy took me to Ajax football pitch and i bought something in Ajax fanshop.
and then, we went to van gogh museum. i also bought 2 post cards only.
that morning i went out with sun and luby who is sun ‘s friend. then he directed me to red light district for watching live show. it was not very good but quite funny.
i went to den haag by my own. i have been madurooam(小人國)first. i took too much pictures in there. i remember it was raining ,so annoying. also , i saw old soilder walked around uniformly on the street with some dum and 笛子.
then, i walked around the beach in den haag which is very beautiful . however, i went to a wrong direction that make me waste time to see it and make me tired.
i went to play paint ball with sun and some holland people . it was a first time for some of us. very good feeling when i was playing.
i went to 風車村. it’s a nice place but i was disappointed because it ‘s not so many 風車. it was out of my expectation. but , the good thing is free fo charge to get in there. i just needed to pay transportation fee.
last day
i went to open market to buhy sth. i went to china town &red light district again. had a meal with sun in burger king in airport.
the missing time
i think i might went to red light district to have a look. and the last day night in holland , i tried  weed for a bit. it was horrible and i cant eat them all. it was a bad decision that i havent buy weed cake. it should be better.
thanks for sun let me live in his home for a week.
and good news for me that i passed exam.


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