met suddenly

i went to interview in causeway bay,,

i met 林峰haha , ,didnt have any special feeling . he is not very tall .

he did made up even he is a boy.   quite funny…

some little girls were behind me.  .. after they were seeing him,,, they were being crazy ,,,,,and said his name loudly but he have already got always from them.

then i had to go tst for another interview by mtr. i saw a guy who look like 李力持…. 图文:导演李力持聊天--李力持动作搞笑

im sure who he is .. ..and he just did same as us ,,,like he got into a fucking much people mtr…….

 i just felt so weird……i dont know … i saw 2 guys  at the same time  who i only can see them in TV..


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