Chinese new year  is coming!

my contract of job is going to be ended at the end of FEB.

it ‘s time to get a new job and may be a chance to decide what i should do  / where  i should go in further.

i had an argue with my mum a few days ago. she was sad.  now i just dont wanna talk with her so much because she is so emotional. i dont wanna have any argument with her again. just let her to do what she wants.

sometimes, i feel an annoying and a pressure at home but i cant tell what pressure is. i just dont wanna stay at home for a long time.

also, i think may be i could be happy if i were live alone.  i could be back home with them at weekend ,holiday or sth. we could enjoy the moment that we are together…..

new year wish……is  continue to have a good job in further, earn money for life, getting to have a GF and good health.

wrote on 1 FEB 2011


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