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last saturday in FEB 2011

i went to watch 潛行深淵 (Sanctum). 感覺一般… 3D is just ok. 又係新刟記食lunch….i cant make a choice in kwai fong. Read a book in 3聯 around 2 hours…….不知不覺地 睇咩……買樓置業…..哈———(從前一定唔會睇D咁既書) 最近呢個問題不繼地圍繞在我身邊,睇下知多D FEB 就完….返埋28.  又失業,要搵工….may take a rest for  few days Finally, i … Continue reading

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Love without talking

i really love it nad just feel they are so lucky . really touching!

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watched film

家有喜事2009   OK!!  BUT 無以前果d 咁搞笑 吳君如有得咀古天樂,真係抵死!

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机动部队之警例 i watched it today. BUt i didnt watch PTU1 b4. i dont really know any related thing between them. i felt it ‘s ok . Qutie good ! Talking about police under what pressure and what they face but … Continue reading

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